Messages from CEO

With our rather than 40 years of experiences, even though we are “the leader of Healthcare product production and development.” We are still continuously growth to response any customers requirements.
Sittichai Daengprasert

I would like to explain about the Hi-end supplement product. It is the guideline to reach the most acceptable products in the market that customers can understand the concept of each product easily by dividing in 3 ways; Quality, Safety and Ethics.

We will produce all products with High quality standard more than common manufacturing standard like GMP, ISO and HALAL. We use the other standard that able to test safety and quality of product additionally. That’s why we are trying to improve the capacity of our employees by learning and give extra-supportive from company. If our employees have know-how, knowledge, better quality of life, they can improve whole company quality sustainably and give high quality standard to our customers.

Mostly supplement consumers had the expectation that supplement products might be able to help them cure or prevent or improve their health. So, we always select safety products as our priority according to the quality of products.

Due to JSP does business as OEM service (B2B), we desire to support the growth of our partners and customers sustainably. We belief if we can maintain to do this kind of business in every part of department of us, we are sustainable company in both the trust of customers and profitability ratio that we can perform.

In 2017, Thailand had fully entered to AEC. There was an influx of foreign capital and domestic mergers to strengthen the market. Our company had thought about the ways to survive in this growth market and population from 60 million people to 600 million people. We chose to merge company and expand our company to response AEC market by fundraising in MAI Stock Exchange of Thailand. To increase the potential of working capital, family shareholder management and employees shares offering. The long-time employees will feel like they are part-owned company.  

Under the standard of factory, we use highest standard for doing manufacturing business such as GMP, ISO and Halal. Moreover, we also use the another technique, we call “Spin Off” to sub-department for improving the potential and effectiveness of work and employees. That’s why we have several sub-company that can support in each way of work.

Mainly income of JSP is still from OEM service. We have several kind of customers, Big to small company, International and domestic customers, etc. We have reinforced to strengthen our production capacity by using our specialized sub-companies. To registered our own Patents for production protection. We also desire to expand our business vertically such as expanding business to upstream business until downstream business. For example, the business of implementing to adding value of Herbs. To build the development of various agricultural products that were carried by Research and Development unit can make brand.

JSP has production planning management called “Production Control” and “Supply Chaing Management” to control lead time of production under ISO 9001:2015 standard.

JSP has our owned R&D Team who can develop the formulation of product that are able to follow the customer requirements. We also have our own Innovation team who are in charges of sub-company where locate in Thailand Science Park of Thammasat University which will focus on new innovative work that can have an impact economics, society, and the environment in Thailand and abroad. The Innovation Department aims to develop research to reach patent level in every work. This is also considered to be a good protection for contract manufacturing businesses. The companies in the group also receive various innovation awards every year.

Due to we are already a food supplement and pharmaceutical factory. We use GMP PIC/s which are the highest European standards. We have taken the lead and be the first factory in Thailand to follow this new approach. We have an internal quality control and quality assurance team. The management system can trace back from finished products on the market back to the production department until it reaches raw material suppliers.

We have more than 200 to 500 types of products circulating in the factory, making the management system for both raw materials and packaging very complicated. That’s why we have Warehouse team to taking care this system directly. And there is an internal audit department to take care of another step. Inventory practices and products during factory production are emphasized according to the Just In Time approach.

We have a maintenance control schedule at regular intervals to focus on preventing damage that may occur, including managing spare parts according to the lifespan of the machines as well.

We have implemented various measures that have been recommended to comply with the law and follow various related guide lines.

Due to our main service is the contract manufacturer of dietary supplements, herbal medicines, modern medicine and Cosmetics. We have a sales team covering various market regions We also have partners who are subsidiaries, which are companies that have spun off from our company, as sales representatives as well. The company’s marketing strategy also emphasizes strategies that provide back-end support to customers. But also enhance the brand and product value through our various patents. The customer will receive different raw materials and technology that can be used for further marketing.

The factory also emphasizes using government regulations to find the right point in management and ensure the well-being of employees. The factory is still up to standard with no complaints. The company has trained and developed personnel according to the specified schedule, including training on topics directly related to work. And the topic is to develop the potential of other departments that need to enhance their knowledge. The company has sent employees to attend various training courses that the government and budget have arranged. Regarding encouraging employees to study at the master’s level, the company has a policy to reverse the ability for employees to go on leave. Friends can study for evening classes and holidays. The company will raise the level and standard of employee welfare. It is also an experiment with subsidiaries to test the provision of benefits and incentives. The planned public listing will also increase welfare for some employees, which is still being prepared with the consulting team.

In this part, the company always organizes activities in both inside and outside activities There are also activities for employees who have knowledge in career development to carry out activities to bring knowledge to promote careers for the public.

Use internal control standards according to the Coso system, which is in the process of hiring and procuring internal auditors.

We stored and can be traced back three to five years. Currently, we use the internal paper less system as well.

We use online and paper-less business data collection and analysis, with all verification and approval processes being conducted online. You can see results immediately.

With an online work ordering, tracking system and a paperless document system, they allow us to know the progression and follow up on every order immediately. There are the systems for setting reminders for work orders and giving results to employees who are ordered via the online system.

We analyzed the overall economy and Mega trends every year and every change in business model. This is because the management team had participated in the work of both government and many social agencies such as being a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Federation of Thai Industries, clubs in the Science Park and has also been on several committees helping to provide opinions in drafting laws. These allow the management team to see the direction of Thailand’s growth and the direction of the market very well, so the management team can take the lead in adapting to change. It is also an example for other entrepreneurs in applying our knowledge, ideas and experiments, as can be seen from various programs on radio, television and various events where we have been invited to speak.

  • Training events for pharmacists nationwide
  • Food innopolis
  • talent mobility
  • The program; “Moves forward” in Thailand

As you can see our Visions and Missions;

Visions: To be the best leading company in Research and Development service, production and distribution of Pharmaceutical and Supplement product.


Product Development: Developing high standard quality of products to sustainable to all life.

Employee Development: Developing our employees to have visions for improving their work abilities effectively.

Support to promote quality of Life: To support for promoting the quality of community and environment.

Production Development: Developing the innovation of production to reach global standard and capable to compete with high competitor in this business and capable to make high satisfaction of customers.

The Good Governance: Always having the Good Governance, be honest and responsible for Partners and Customers.

As for the activities mentioned above, we focus on providing knowledge to the community, which is long-term knowledge for them to be able to use in sustainable careers by using knowledge and innovation to support it. Promote produce that is already available locally. Having good local products, customers and sustainable businesses will make the community strong and resilient. This year’s activities will focus on adding knowledge to community enterprises based on the abilities of the company’s team. There will be movies on various activities that the government has invited on occasion.