Quality Control Process

We control every step of any receiving ingredients and packing materials into our factory. We do sampling process every batch from suppliers. We evaluate the quality of materials by testing characteristics, microbiological test, etc. that they pass our quality standard or not. After the quality of material was passed, we will select the suitable storage place depend on those materials. To avoid any defective conditions.

After production, we also evaluate the quality of product we produced by testing on high-standard instrumental laboratory.

JSP’s Analytical Instrumental Laboratory

Chemical Laboratory

  • HPLC for component evaluation
  • Titrate with magnetic stirrer to test the concentration of product.

Physical Laboratory

  • 3-digit Precision Balance and 4-digit Analytical Balance for weight testing.
  • pH Meter to test acidity
  • Centrifuge device to test sedimentation.

Microbiological Laboratory

  • Sterilized clean room for controlling the condition of microbial substance.
  • Microscopic to observe the microbial substance characteristics.
  • Auto Clave for disinfecting bacteria on laboratory equipment.
  • Low-temperature Incubator
  • Accelerator temperature at 40 degrees Celsius and 75% humidity control machine for doing Freeze-Thaw process.