JSP Pharma has been involved in healthcare manufacturing business for rather than 70 years. So, we have seen many opportunities to growth. Therefore, we divided goal of investment into 3 parts;

There are Upstream business, Mid-Stream Business and Downstream Business. The goal of investments is invested by purchasing businesses that related to all healthcare businesses for responding to market needs and can greatly promote the completeness of us.  

Upstream business

All businesses in this group will be related to research and development service including training, knowledge seminar and consultation to other entrepreneurs. We already have sub-company named “CDIP (Thailand) PCL.,” as our Upstream business.

Midstream business

All businesses in this group will be related to manufacturing service. JSP Pharma is one of the manufacturers in this group. An additional business that established to support JSP is “Caresutic Co.,LTD”, where produce product under the categories of Cosmetics, Pet Supplement and small-size supplement production. We also have negotiated with Faculty of Engineering, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi to produce dental implants.

Downstream business

All businesses in this group are businesses that mostly close to various group of customers such as clinic business, medical business, etc. We have acquired many business such as Grace Water Med Co.,Ltd. who is dialysis solution selling business. We also negotiated with LDC Co.,Ltd who do Dental  business. In addition, JSP opened a traditional Thai medicine clinic under the name “Supap Osod Saha Clinic” where has doctors to provide service for customers.