What is OEM Service?

OEM, Original Equipment Manufacturing, is a service whose goods are used as components in the products of another company which then sells the finished item to purchased company. JSP Pharma do OEM with several categories such as Dietary Supplement and Cosmetic product.

Research & Development

We have many specialists to study, collect information and scientific evidence including developing product formulas according to customer needs and our new product development plan

FDA Registration Submission

After our customer concluded the satisfied formulation, we have Regulatory Affair department to support for submitting the documents to Thai FDA. To receive License number legally.


After we received legally License no., we can begin to do production process. In case of the customers did not have any artwork designer, we had designer to design packaging. And we also had artwork evaluation team to recheck the details on packaging to make sure about the correction of details followed by Thai FDA regulation.

Analytic Laboratory

To make sure about the quality of products that are produced by us, we have our own Laboratory to test the quality. We can test basic 3 types of Lab such as (1) Physical Test, (2) Chemical Test and (3) Microbiological Test. On the other hand, if customers need additional test like Heavy Metal, Nutrition Fact, etc., we can do Outsource services to get the Lab results.

JSP Pharma’s Global Standard Certification We do production of every product category under global standard such as GMP, ISO 9001:2015, Halal and PIC/s for pharmaceutical Product.